What Walt Disney can Teach Us About Leadership

September 30, 2021

Posted by: Tony Robbins, the following is an excerpt from one of Tony Robbins’ keynote speeches.

“The question is, how do we make ourselves better leaders? What is that leadership?

I believe leadership’s job, one, is to come up with that vision, something larger. What a great leader does is they see something better than everyone else, and then they raise the standard. They have so much certainty, they can pour that certainty into others.

Some of you may remember Walt Disney, or at least be familiar with who he is. My grandfather worked for him. He told me many stories about him. I can remember I got a chance to meet Roy Disney, Walt Disney’s partner, brother, I should say. When they opened the Epcot in Florida Disney World, which you may be familiar with, it was a big deal. They had worked on it for years. When Walt was alive, they started purchasing the land. He had this full vision.

The day of the opening, people from all over the world came to Epcot, came to Disney World. There are always people looking to tear something down. One of the reporters came up to Roy Disney, the brother of Walt Disney, and said, “Well, I know it seems like a beautiful day, but it must be bittersweet for you knowing Walt never got to see this.”

Roy Disney’s response was of classic leader response. He smiled to the man and said, “You’re mistaken. It’s clear why you are merely a reporter of other people’s visions, and not a creator of vision, and not a leader.” He said, “Walt saw this. That’s why you’re seeing it now.”

I think that’s what’s true for all that we’ve seen here. He had this vision. He had this certainty. He had this capacity to build momentum, to move people.

A great leader has vision, and 100% certainty. They are a person of influence. A person who influences the thoughts, the feelings, the emotions, and the actions of people for a greater good, not just for themselves.

Because motive does matter. If your motive in your business is just to make money, you can make it because you’re focused on it. But I believe life moves to support whatever supports more of life. And I think a reason why companies like Airbnb or Salesforce grow the way they do is because they have a higher purpose; which is to serve something more than themselves.

You try to take care of your family; you’re going to get different levels insight than just yourself. You try and take care of your company, even bigger insight. Try and take care of your community, the world, humanity—if that’s really in your intention, that will affect the quality of your results.

What we need today are leaders who are truthful, who have vision and who are driven to get a great result. And for those leaders to come together and create a shared vision of shaping a better future for everyone, everywhere”.

What a great way to understand what great leaders do and how they work.

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