Indigo Financial was formed on 9th May 2005 by John Tsoulos and Nathan Kentish.

Our Vision

To be there for our selected clients and help provide them with their preferred lifestyle

Our Mission

‘We are in business to help business owners and investors improve their lifestyles. We want to work with like minded clients and like minded team members.

Our Firm Basics (Core Values)

We will follow the basics that we have established for ourselves. We will also only work with people that aspire to similar basics.

  • Integrity
  • Passion about what we are doing
  • Fun environment
  • General interest in how a business runs. Not just interested in the numbers
  • Positive personality traits
  • High standard of presentation – personal and firm presentation

We will continuously review and question our business plan. Our aim is to continue to grow our business, our clients businesses and their investments and personal position. Our aim is to ensure that our clients and our team including us, all achieve their selected outcomes and objectives. This is how we will become a truly great business.