Innovation is critical for any business to survive and to grow

April 22, 2015

You read the heading and the question is what does that mean?

What I am talking about first of all is online shopping in Australia. It has actually been predicted to grow at twice the speed of traditional retail in the next 4 years and is forecast to be worth $21.7 billion by 2015.

Smartphones and tablet devices are behind the growth.

The popularity of online shopping is showing retailers as well as all of us in whatever industry we are in that we must embrace the fundamental shift in underlying business models caused by the digital revolution.
If we delve deeper we see facebook now has 600 million active users. A mere twinkle in the eye just 3 years ago, social media is now a potent part of business today and part of the marketing mix for many companies. How many of us are embracing and are actively engaged in this medium?

Some trends:

Nespresso boutique – with 215 boutiques open around the world, Nespresso is combining an art gallery concept with an intimate coffee experience. Visit

Supermarket – this innovative concept store in Belgrade, Serbia, merges a restaurant, wine and chocolate bar, salon, spa, florist and gallery with fashion, design, music and publishing retail experience. Visit

National Geographic – the brand’s flagship store in London is set over 3 floors and boasts an exhibition area, a photography studio, a Spanish cafe and an auditorium for public events. Visit

Adidas Runbase – Tokyo’s jogging community is patronising an Adidas concept store that combines its retail range with 16 showers and 248 lockers. The store also offers custom shoe fittings. Visit

Dr Paddi Lund – Real coffee, dental buns and fine china are all part of Paddi’s customer experience!. The Crazy Australian Dentist! Crazy? Because in order to improve his sales he actually:
• Pulled down all his signs and locked his front door,
• Took his name out of the phone book,
• “Fired” more than half his customers,
• Sawed up his reception desk and installed a Cappuccino Machine instead!
• Now bakes fresh dental buns for clients, and
• Serves 30+ varieties of tea in fine bone china.
Yet now with his successful sales techniques –
• Only accepts new clients by referral
• Works 23hrs/wk & earns 2.5 times the income,
• Loves going to work & is really happy!

So as you can see no matter what business you are in you need to innovate.

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