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April 6, 2020

Hi everyone,

I hope this finds you well.

With all of the work we have been doing of late with the stimulus packages we are keen to do a bit more. We have come up with a couple of things we believe are very important at this time.

First thing:

This is something we believe will also add great value to you and it is our Global Business Coaching division.

We are keen to work with you to get you through this 1 in 100 year event and we believe we can get you being as strong as possible post Covid-19

What we are offering is our coaching service for FREE.

So this is your opportunity to test drive some coaching from a trusted advisor with absolutely NO RISK to you.

We are looking for groups of 15 business to participate in a 6 week Test Drive of our on-line group coaching program – that’s over 9 hours of business coaching for FREE.  That is $2,700 of value for FREE. This is our way of giving something over and above back to our business clients and friends.

If you have a good business that is still operating like normal or near normal or one that has dropped 30% or so or one that is struggling to survive or you can’t be open during this crisis then this is for you. So this is for anyone looking to have a better business and in turn a better life.

So if you…

  • Are a business owner
  • Are usually profitable (most of us aren’t during the COVID-19 crisis, that’s why this program will help with)
  • Have a desire to see your business survive this crisis and prosper in the recovery
  • Have at least 3 hours a week to work on your business
  • Are friendly, coachable and open to trying new things

Want to find out more about ourTest Drive program? Respond to with the word “interested – coaching and we will take care of the rest.

Click below to view our lead coach Alan work through the Framework we are using for Businesses to Respond to this Covid – 19 pandemic.

Look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible so we can lock you in.

P.S. Get in early as places are limited.

Second thing:

We know how important it is to know where you are going in regards to your numbers. It is even more important in times of uncertainty. Businesses often get in trouble because they are not looking at their numbers and like we say – “they are not measuring and managing”. We have prepared a number of budgets recently for people and they have since said to us that the budgets have been one of the most important things they have done in their business.

Without budgets how do you know:

  • What the impact of a 10%, 20% or 30% etc reduction in revenue will do to your cash position
  • What impact the Governments stimulus packages have to your cash position
  • How will your business be impacted if your debtors pay slower than they are now
  • How long can your business survive with the cash balance you have at the moment
  • When to be speaking with your bank for more funding etc
  • What impact stopping loan repayments will have
  • And much more

Budgets normally start from $3,300 and intricate budgets can be much more than that. What we are keen to offer, as we know how important they are and how difficult it currently is, is budgets at 50% of the base rate. So we would complete budgets for you and your business at only $1,650. A budget can be the difference between knowing how much money you have available and running out of money without knowing.

So, if you are interested in having budgets prepared please respond to with the wordinterested – budgeting and we will take care of the rest.

Take care and talk soon,

From the team at Indigo Financial.

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