Everyone Deserves a Tax Deductible Break (100% Tax Deduction)

April 27, 2022

GLOBAL BUSINESS CAMPS – The Best Business Event Ever.

How neat is this? You come along with your key people (owners, management, proactive and forward thinking team, front line people, sales people etc) and work on your business for 3 days.

In the process you receive a 100% Tax Deduction for the course, travel, accommodation. This applies during the event and for time spent before the event and after the event on the Gold Coast (while you are working on your business).

How good is that?

That is absolutely brilliant.

So not only will you get a large number of ideas, you will network with other like minded people, upskill yourself and your team, obtain 21.5 hours worth of professional development, be motivated and inspired, build strategy and grow your business whilst obtaining an 100% Tax Deduction.

On October (17th, 18th and 19th) at the Hilton Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast there’s a very special 3-day ‘Business Camp’ for business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, sales people etc.

The 3 days is all about learning how to grow and improve your business.

It is a brilliantly run event with great information for business owners who are looking for education and inspiration to take their business to the next stage of growth. This is a Massive Opportunity for YOU and we want YOU to be there with us and the Indigo Team.

Come and join us!

Have a look at where there’s lots of information about the event.

We have a great list of expert speakers. Find out more on all of the speakers at

IMPORTANT TAX PLANNING DEADLINE: There is an early bird offer that finishes at the 30th of June. By booking in and paying for the event before 30 June 2022 you get the tax deduction this year.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • The 6 Secrets™of a successful business;
  • The 5 key business building strategies™;
  • How to apply systemsthat will improve your business;
  • How you can profit by working ONrather than IN your business;
  • How to calculate the real valueof your business and what you can do to increase that value;
  • You will learn how to increase the profitability of your business but NOTat the expense of your quality of life;
  • Discover how the “Little Things”have a profound effect.

Running a business can sometimes feel like hard, lonely work. One of the great aspects of attending the Business Camp is that you learn from the experiences of other business owners and get to spend time with people who relate 100% to the challenges you face. (Swapping ‘war stories’ over a beer or two has to be good for the soul).

The 3 Days include:

  1. The Course.
  2. The Business Bible (the workbook). This is the best business book you will find. There are so many ideas, tips, strategies and examples that you will be able to refer to.
  3. Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea on all 3 days (great networking and seeing what the sponsors have to offer).
  4. Cocktail event with the sponsors (on night 1, more networking, drinking and nibbles whilst seeing what the sponsors have to offer).
  5. Gala Dinner on the Tuesday night (on night 2 with an International Speaker).
  6. Having the Indigo Financial Team with you there for the 3 days (working with you and also socializing).
  7. Ability to spend time with forward thinking and positive people just like you.
  8. Ability to spend time with the speakers (specialists in their field).
  9. 100% Money Back Guarantee – “if you do not get at least one idea that pays for the course investment 10 times over we will refund your course investment in full”. So there is ABSOLUTELY NO RISK TO YOU.

Some wonderful words from some past attendees:

What I loved about GBC: John’s infectious excitement! Business bible (take home folder). Revisiting our values, mission and culture. Making sure the right people are ‘on the bus’, and improve our team.-IRENE, BUSINESS SERVICES INDUSTRY

Had a great time, John’s awesome, he’s a pocket rocket!!! Thank you.-LISA & KEITH, BUILDING INDUSTRY

John is the man that defies all of your expectations! He is the greatest cheerleader we’ve ever met! He’s exciting, engaging and challenging. John mixes his business savvy with unbridled enthusiasm and a commitment to seeing us realise our business dreams!

He comes off the stage and into the heart of the business and we love him for it! It’s John’s voice that gets into your head once you’ve left Global Business Camps, whispering to you “that’s so cool” when you’re turning the 6 Secrets™ into your reality!-TRICIA, TRAIN TO SUCCEED

We plan to go on holidays, we plan how to build our house but we don’t really plan as to where we want our business to be in 5 then 10 years so that we’ve got a set goal to get to.-IAN HEALY

In Summary:

In past years we have thoroughly enjoyed this event and wholeheartedly recommend it – we also suggest that AT LEAST TWO PEOPLE from your business attend – you will want to make changes when you return and it will be much easier if there is more than one person to spread the message.

Normal Price $3,300.00 but for you we have special VIP Rates and they are ONLY $1,980.00 per person! That is right a saving of $1,320 per person.

This special price applies as you are a client and friend of ours. You can also pay the event off over a few months.

This is a Must Attend Event.

Do not be the ones that miss out as the 3 days will truly change your life.

The date once again are 17 to 19 October 2022. This date gives you time to tell some other business associates, friends and relatives about the event and to get them to come along as well.

Special Gift and Very Special Pricing: 

As a thank you for being valued clients, friends and associates of our valued clients we are offering something we have never offered before.

As a very big thank you we would love to offer you a referral fee of $200 per person that registers and attends the event (they must tell us who referred them when they register) from your efforts from now until the date of the event.

This is just a small way of us saying thank you.

So to summarise, people that register from your referral (and they tell us you referred them) we will pay you $200 per person.

Now that is quite neat.

The camp is truly a great way to lock yourself away for a few days and seriously think and work on your business with like-minded business people.

Please Remember:

  • The event is 100% Tax Deductible and is a great way to work on your business for a few days away.
  • There is also an 100% Money Back Guarantee – “if you do not get at least one idea that pays for the course investment 10 times over we will refund your course investment in full”. Now that is pretty neat, so there is ABSOLUTELY NO RISK TO YOU.
  • Check below for our Very Very Special Post Covid Rates.

Enjoy Our Massive Post Covid Rates – Contact us via e-mail NOW to help you get registered or call us on 08 8212 85 85 and we will help you get registered. The key is that you use this code (SMITHINKMEM) in the COUPON CODE section of the registration form and you can attend at the Extra Special VIP Rate of $1,980 pp (Normal rate is $3,300 pp, but for you ONLY $1,980 pp).

To succeed in business in 2022 is all about straying away from the traditional path and doing something different because the worldwide situation is anything but ordinary, so why should what you do in business be the same?

Instead, take the chances to learn from those who’ve walked the unconventional path, and start leading your industry rather than following the norm.

We work through all of the above in detail and you will have one of the Indigo Financial Team for every 5 clients there working with you for the 3 days (17th to the 19th of October 2022).

You should be coming along with as many of your key team as possible and working on your business for the 3 days.

Find out more –

Register and receive VIP rates by using this special code and entering that in the coupon code area of the registration form – “SMITHINKMEM”. Full rate is $3,300 pp but VIP rates are ONLY $1,980 pp. This could well be the best investment you make for your business. Also, pay before 30 June and get a 100% tax deduction in your 2022 tax.

Registration link –

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