ACT NOW!! 3 days to go for 2022 deductions

June 27, 2022

Register before 30 June and Get a Massive Tax Break (Bring Forward your Tax Deduction)

GLOBAL BUSINESS CAMP-  How it can help push your business forward

A great way to work ON your business is to attend the 2022 Global Business Camp on the Gold Coast. Now is the time to be focusing on your business and driving it forward.

The event will be held at the Hilton, Surfers Paradise on the 17th -19th October 2022. It will be a great way to supercharge you, your team, your business and also have a break on the Gold Coast. The other really great thing is that you receive a 100% Tax Deduction for everything you spend in relation to the event – delegate fees, flights, accommodation, transfers, food and any days you add on the back end to work on your business etc etc.

Please be aware there is absolutely no risk for you in booking and joining us at the 2022 event.

Hurry – seats are limited!

Register and pay now and you bring your tax deduction forward to this year, now that is neat! Yes, that is correct! Register and pay now and you can claim the event in the 2022 tax year. Also, speak to us about how we can accrue for the accommodation and other costs to bring your deduction forward to this year. 

The 2022 Global Business Camp is On!

Here’s just some of the takeaways you’ll enjoy:

HOW to “systemise” your business, so it runs smoothly WITHOUT your 24/7 involvement.

HOW to then “position” your systemised business for nice big PAY DAY when you decide to sell.

HOW a modest increase in “customer loyalty” can result in up to 80% increase in profitability.

HOW to retain employees & enthuse them to work smarter.

HOW to find more “A Grade” clients or customers & HOW to keep them longer.

HOW to be “the disruptor” & grab more market-share, no matter what your business is.

HOW to avoid “price-discounting” forever & alternatively use “value-add incentives” as a massive customer drawcard.

HOW to introduce “wow factor marketing” into your sales pitches.

HOW to use LinkedIn & other social media as wildly cost-effective “lead generators”.

HOW business strategy is critical in this post Covid era and understand how to implement your strategies.

HOW to measure and manage everything that is important in your business.

HOW to know the difference between leading, managing & selling.

CALL US TO REGISTER on 08 8212 8585 and speak to Kathy (our event coordinator) or email












Find Out More at

Current investment for registration is $3,300 per person however… as you are clients, friends of clients, friends, friends of friends and associates of Global Business Camps you can attend at a massively reduced rate.

For our clients, friends and relatives etc the special VIP rate is massively reduced to $1,980 per person. That is a saving of $1,320 per person! Call us on 08 8212 8585 to find out more about why you must be there in 2022. Call and speak to Kathy our Event Coordinator or to Nathan or John.

We have 76 people already registered, which is fantastic. Come along and join us, you will be glad you did, we guarantee it.

We have a great list of expert speakers. Find out more at We have the experts in (marketing, motivation, sales, social media, leadership, impact of small changes to the numbers, technology and more) all the key fields that you need to know more of now with the changing landscape.

Some Key Points for you to Consider:
  • The event is 100% Tax Deductible and is a great way to work on your business for a few days away.
  • There is also an 100% Money Back Guarantee – if you do not get at least one idea that pays for the course investment 10 times over we will refund your course investment in full. So there is ABSOLUTELY NO RISK TO YOU.
  • Due to COVID we are not only offering VIP rates to attend, we are also offering to all of our valued clients and friends a very special gift. See below:

As a thank you we are offering a gift of $200 per person that registers and attends the event from your referral. All they have to do is mention your name. This is just a small way of us saying thank you.

Once again please contact us if you would like to speak about the event. Call us on 08 8212 8585 and ask for Kathy Cotsios (Event Coordinator), John Tsoulos (Lead Presenter) or Nathan Kentish.

Find Out More at

Take care and we look forward to hearing from you.

John & Nathan and the Indigo Financial Team

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